verv (vûrv) noun.

1. Energy, enthusiasm and creativity in the expression of ideas.

2. Passion; drive; vigor.

3. Aptitude, talent and inventiveness, pertaining to innovation and design.

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About page final REV 3At Verv, we’ve been advancing collaborative innovation for over fifteen years to inspire, visualize and design the next leap forward for your brand.

Our proven Co-Magination℠ approach engages your users with our designers to deliver exciting, on-strategy and actionable solutions in both durables and packaged goods.  But there’s much more to collaborative innovation at Verv.  It informs everything we do for our clients, from inspiration to innovation.  And it has led to unexpected, high-impact opportunities for many of the world’s most prominent brands.

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How page final rev 2At Verv, we’ll connect with your consumers in ways you’ve never seen.  And then, without skipping a beat, we’ll visualize solutions in form and function you’ve never imagined.  All with the strategic focus and brand sensitivity you expect.

But at Verv, collaborative innovation means much more.  Tighter integration of insight, strategy and design.  Analytical tools that focus creativity and build consensus.  And the flexibility to align with your innovation approach.  All geared to deliver results that are right for your consumer, your brand and your organization.

We’ve got the experience. The talent. The tools.  But most of all, we’ve got Verv.

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French’s Flavor Infuser

Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush Package

Colgate Softsoap

Calphalon Easy System

Pennington Smart Feed

LG Door in Door Refrigerator

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Our team of designers and strategists has worked together to shape opportunity for many of the world’s top brands in consumer packaged goods and durables.  Ingenious advances in form and functionality have helped these and countless other products to become dramatically more persuasive in stores and satisfying in use.

Our role in brand success can’t be told by a slick photo alone.  So we invite you to explore the stories below, and get to know verv.

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